Cheap Glamping - Our New Saver Package!

We loathe to bring (Brex)it up, however it cannot be avoided that the current financial, political uncertainties are making it more difficult for families to enjoy luxury family glamping holidays in the UK. Some glampsites cater only to the super-wealthy with prices in excess of £200 per night. Here at Woodland Escape, whilst we do offer Deluxe packages complete with all the trimmings from £120 - £180 per night for those discerning folks to whom compromise is not a word in their vocabulary, and modest rates for our Classic packages from £86 per night, we understand that many of those looking to book a unique off-grid experience are hoping to keep to an ever-tighter budget. In order to help hard-working families enjoy glamping on a budget, we have put together our third type of glamping package, the Saver package, with rates from £53.50 per night midweek and £73.50 per night at weekends, which means you can now book a weekend glamping for less than £150!
Ideal for experienced campers and those who don't wish to cook their own meals outdoors we now provide the new Saver package. Availability is very limited for the Saver packages. In order not to compromise the quality of our accommodation interiors, the Saver package comes with all the same furnishings inside our Classic packages including the traditional hamper with cutlery & crockery.
In order to provide the savings for these packages guests can separately hire a fire pit, a gas stove or a barbecue. A cereal basket can also be requested. Guests opting for the saver package can bring their own barbecues & camping stoves from home to keep costs down, or pre-order meals for delivery from our local food partner, Joni's Kitchen.

Summer & Weekend Saver Package Glamping Prices
Saver Bell tent: £73.50 per night for two nights or more
Saver Yurt glamping: £83.50 per night for two nights or more
Saver Canvas Lodge: £107.50 per night (two nights or more)
Low Season Midweek Saver Package Glamping
Saver Bell tent: £53.50 per night for two nights or longer
Saver Yurt: £73.50 per night for two nights or longer
Saver Canvas Lodge: £97.50 per night for two nights or more
Supplements apply per person for one night stays

Important information for Saver package guests:

In order to provide savings for guests, the Saver package does not include a fire-pit, a barbecue, a gas stove or a complimentary breakfast basket. Guests can request these additional items per item, alternatively, our Classic package includes each of these items as standard. Additionally, our Deluxe glamping packages also include bedding & towels for every guest, plus logs, kindling, charcoal & firelighters and even a packet of marshmallows to roast.

Saver Package Glamping Reservation Request

Additional items

*Per accommodation. Subject to availability.

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