Escape the Woodland - Halloween Zombie Experience
26th - 31st October 2018
PM - 9.30PM
Woodland Escape, nr Sparkford, Somerset

As usual, all of the glamping accommodation comes down for the end of the season in October and this Halloween the woods will be overrun by the living dead for a unique new live-action zombie experience game event with a twist!
In this event - the first of its kind in the UK - the traditional fright night concept is expanded to combine the thrill of a ghost hunt with perilous zombie encounters and interactive gross-out elements; climb through narrow tunnels, grope for treasure and escape infection from the zombies, who are there to ensure your path to Escape the Woodland is not as easy as it first seems!
It's like a video game come with real-life zombies to avoid, treasure chests to loot and "lives" to lose during your adventure with lovable characters, jump-scares and the spooky ambience straight from a horror movie along the way.
Our excellent actors are just one of the elements that bring the zombie experience to life, with dozens signed up to join the fun!
Enjoy a tipple or soft drink with canned beverages from just £1 at the beer tent, plus cups of hot chocolate, tea and coffee.
Our food delivery partners at Joni's Kitchen are currently taking food orders for delivery on event nights, pre-ordering is essential if you would like to dine on site after the game.
Additional 'firepower' and extra lives are available to purchase on your way in, so you can be fully prepared for your encounter.
Get your hands on exclusive merchandise and great Halloween gifts like our ghost salt & pepper shakers in our spooky shop!
Great prizes are stashed in the game including drinks tokens, gift bags, and unique perks that can give you the upper hand in play!
PLEASE NOTE: Escape the Woodland is not suitable for children under 12, pregnant women, those with heart conditions or other sensitivities to fright. PLEASE NOTE: Escape the Woodland is not accessible by pushchairs, wheelchairs or mobility vehicles.
The experience may involve any or all of the following: horror, mild language, simulated peril, obstacle courses & g
ross-out interaction!
You almost certainly will: get dirty,
Escape the Woodland - Halloween zombie experience in Somerset
Ever wanted to be a zombie actor? Sign up below to join our horde of the undead! Zombies must arrive 1 hour before the game start (6.30PM each evening) for briefing & additional makeup/costume-ing and will be leaving around half an hour after the end of the game (~10PM). It is not necessary to commit to all of the days, however we would like to keep as much of the same cast as possible and we will be throwing a party for all zombies & attendees on Halloween night after the game ends (party from 9.30pm - 11.30pm) - zombie actors will receive some free drinks and all manner of VIP treatment at the party as a thank you for their participation.

Zombies will:
✔-Wear shabby clothes which will be trashed by the end of the 6 days, if not sooner.
✔-Arrive at/by 6.30PM
✔-Remain in character from a few minutes before the game start (7.30pm) until the end of the game (9.30pm)

Zombies will not:
X-Break character during the game
X-Have a mobile phone in their pocket
X-Tell their friends (particularly on social media) which night(s) they will be performing or other specific details of the event.

Zombies could/should:
✔-Prepare full costume/makeup before arrival. We have limited supplies including makeup & costumes for additional effects.
✔-Watch at least one zombie movie to get into character, practice guttural sounds & a convincing walk (think "slow zombies")
✔-Tell their friends to come along and be a zombie too!