Digital Detox Glamping Retreats in Somerset at Woodland Escape

What does "digital detox" mean?

A digital detox or "unplugging" holiday means spending less time glued to our devices and more time together with friends and our families. Our glamping accommodation has solar-powered electric lighting, there is no Wi-Fi or mains electricity on our glamping site so you can enjoy your time in the woods without emails, marketing texts and pesky cold callers. We find this provides you the freedom to relax, surrounded by the trees and sounds of nature.
Digital detox glamping in Somerset at Woodland Escape
There are many benefits to forgoing electronic devices for a break to digitally detox at Woodland Escape. Green spaces, particularly trees, are excellent for maintaining good physical health due to the clean air in the environment around them as plants naturally filter away carbon dioxide and produce oxygen.
Yurt glamping in Somerset for digital detox holidays at Woodland Escape
Our Yurts, Bell tents and our Lodge are all spread among the natural clearings of the wood to give each one some seclusion and privacy. For ultimate privacy and a cost effective group venue you could always choose book the entire site exclusively, available from under £25pppn*

Digital Detox Glamping Enquiry

*£25 per person per night based on 40 people sharing exclusive hire of Woodland Escape for two nights, or three nights during a Bank Holiday weekend. Current maximum group size 42.

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