Sustainable Tourism and Social Responsibility

Sustainable GlampingHolidays

At Woodland Escape Glamping Holidays we are committed to the principle of implementing sustainable tourism. 

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Sustainable tourism encourages tourists that visit a location to try and only make a positive impact on the environment, society and economy.

This can mean using local services, buying local produce and utilising local transport links to ensure that a guests stay is contributing to the local economy.

Woodland escape have worked hard to support our local society, economy & environment by partnering with local suppliers wherever possible.

Wherever we can, woodland escape glamping holidays endeavour to minimise the impact our business has on our environment.

We have implemented solar lights in our accommodation to minimise our carbon foot print and have will always try to conserve energy wherever we can. We have a continuous process of improvements on the glamping site which are intended to help preserve our planet's natural resources & reduce energy waste.

So far we have implemented the following measures to help protect our environment:

  • Solar Lighting on paths across the glamping site and in our glamping accommodation
  • Push taps in our toilets to minimise water wastage
  • Tree planting to offset our carbon foot print
  • Recycling of plastic and glass

At Woodland Escape Glamping Holidays we continually explore new ways that we can help make your glamping holiday as sustainable as possible. 

The UN General Assembly declared that 2017 would be the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development. The general idea is to raise awareness about the importance of promoting responsible tourism .

The official launch of the Year of Sustainable Tourism was held in Madrid on January 18. 

Among the proposals for the sustainable tourism year is a commitment to reduce global CO2 emissions by five percent by 2030, in addition to raising funds to protect heritage, wildlife, ecosystems and natural resources.