New to Glamping?

If you are new to the world of Glamping holidays and staycations, or maybe you're an old hand at camping but have never been glamping before? Here is our guide to glamping holidays to help you choose, book, pack and prepare for your break.

Glamping holidays in Somerset at Woodland Escape
Before booking:

Know your needs
Work out what you, your partner, your family or your party need and want from a glamping holiday. Then discuss it with us. You know your requirements best, we know our site and our accommodation. We are always happy to help but we're not mind readers, if you have particular requirements let us know and we can suggest appropriate accommodation.

Familiarise yourself with the details
We have designed the website to show you the accommodation, the equipment, what is included, what you can order, where we are located, the facilities we provide and many frequently asked questions are answered on our FAQs page. We will also send you a detailed email stating what is in the accommodation, how to book and how to reach us. We recommend you read this carefully so you and your party (if you are booking for more than one person) have all the appropriate information, then ask us if you have any questions.

Share information
If you are arranging a booking for more than one couple /family don't forget to tell everyone in your party the information we provide you with so that all the guests can pack and prepare, we don't want anyone getting lost or not realising we're off-grid.

Know the location
It is commonplace to use a satnav to get to your destination but don't forget to take time to actually look at the surrounding area, we have a Google map on the Directions page of our website to help. This will help you know how to reach us if there are roadworks or traffic issues as well as give you an idea of places you can visit and help you plan your activities.

Once you have booked:

Feel free to contact us again
If you have any questions we're here to help. If you are not sure of something; such as when the check-in and check out times are, just send us a message. We're happy to clarify things. For immediate answers there is also our FAQs page. Similarly if you have specific requests or requirements let us know with as much advanced notice as possible so we can assist. You know your needs best, we know the accommodation; just speak to us if you have any questions.

Be Prepared
Baden Powell's scout motto has stood the test of time so who are we to ignore it. We all know the adage "there is no such thing as bad weather, just unsuitable clothing". The weather can change quickly so check the weather forecast in the week running up to your holiday and pack accordingly. This way you can also order additional items you may need from us. Better to have a waterproof jacket and wellingtons with you and not need them, than to try and reach a yurt in a field wearing canvas shoes after a rain shower.

Plan your journey
A little forward planning can make your life much simpler and help you enjoy the start of your holiday. Check the predicted time for your journey several days in advance and build in extra time so you have a smooth journey; you would be surprised how many people assume they can leave work, pack a car and reach a site that is two and a half hours away in two hours. Before you leave, check your route for traffic hot spots and plan to avoid them so you have a hassle free journey. Ask us for any local knowledge of short cuts and roads to avoid.

What to Pack:

Below is a list of items that you will find useful to pack when preparing to stay in a wood:

  • A snuggly blanket for sitting by the fire or wrapping up in the accommodation
  • Magazines
  • Toiletries
  • Torches
  • Holiday Insurance
  • Star charts (we have virtually no light pollution)
  • Games (we suggest the type that don't need power)
  • Books (the old fashioned type, made of paper)
  • Maps & guidebooks
  • Clothing to cope with unpredictable British weather
    • Don't forget a jumper for when it chills down at night
    • Waterproofs & wellingtons in case there is a shower
    • Walking boots
  • Sun cream & sun hat
  • Insect repellent and after bite treatment (just in case)
  • Powerbanks (we encourage our guests to switch off all devices, but if you simply must use your device, don't forget to bring an additional power bank or two as the site is off-grid.)
What to leave at home:
  • Things that need power (iPad, kindles, hair straighteners, hair dryers etc)
  • Flip-flops, heeled or open footwear (not a good idea in a wood)
  • Speaker systems (nature provides the music)
When you arrive on site:

Listen to the check-in & ask questions
We provide a personal check-in, showing you around and how the equipment works. Just like the aeroplane pre-flight safety briefing or a fire drill, these may not be very interesting but they are there to help you get the most from your stay so please bear with us whilst we explain things, its designed to make your life easier.
Check-in is a great opportunity to ask our staff any questions you may have about things like pubs, restaurants, local take-aways or where shops and car parks are in the local towns. 

Think about other guests & the site equipment
People like different things. To have music with a heavy bass line pounding through the floor and up through your bones may make you feel alive, however it may give the couple next door with a 1 year old a headache and a sleepless night. A little consideration for your fellow guests goes a long way to making your stay more enjoyable. Similarly, no one likes to return home to find they have an additional bill for damages. Respecting the accommodation's equipment and letting the site know if there is accidental damage can save you from a bill. Honesty is the best policy. 

Please feel free to speak to us
If you need assistance or have any issues whilst on site, don't forget to speak to us. We're here to help in any way we can.

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