Glamping Wishing tree

The Wishing Tree

Our wishing tree is located at the heart of our wood. 

In today’s world, our wishing tree stands as inspiration to us all.

Nature has brought two different trees together, the Ash and the Oak and magically they now live in harmony sharing the same space, each helping the other.

Each child visiting Woodland Escape receives a ribbon which they can tie to a branch of our wishing tree. If they close their eyes and make a wish whilst tying their ribbon, just maybe some of our wishing tree's magic will help grant their wish.

Wishes stay on the wishing tree as it grows.

Wishes being made by young glamping guests at Woodland Escape in Somerset
Wishing tree at Woodland Escape in Somerset
Each of our Bell tents & Yurts have two single futon sofa beds & a double bed making them ideal for families of 4.
Inside a glamping Bell tent in Somerset at Woodland Escape
Glamping for the whole family
Glamping can be a great way to spend holiday time with children and kids of all ages can learn a great deal from a couple of nights in the woods!

Skills like shelter building, starting a campfire and cooking on open fires are taught best with real hands-on practical supervised experience, in a conducive setting. There are also board games available to borrow from reception to bring the whole family together to play.

Woodland glamping for the family in Somerset at Woodland Escape

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