What to Expect on a Glamping Holiday

Glamping holidays are still a relatively new concept to some. Although glamping has been around in its current form for over a decade, there are now so many types and variations that guests can find it confusing. On this page we aim to advise our guests what they can expect from a Woodland glamping holiday so you can make and informed decision when booking your eco glamping holiday.

We concur with the Oxford English Dictionary's definition of glamping as "A form of camping involving accommodation and facilities more luxurious than those associated with traditional camping."

At Woodland Escape we have taken this concept; providing your glamping accommodation, light, bed, sofa beds, cutlery, cooking utensils, barbecue, fire pit, hob, grill & outdoor seating, whilst combining it with environmentally friendly holidays and a digital detox for our guests.

To protect our plants natural resources the glamping site and all the glamping accommodation is powered by solar energy and the glamping site is off-grid (not connected to main/national services.)

The Glamping Site

Woodland Escape is an off-grid glamping site set in a young woodland.

Off-grid means we try to protect our plants natural resources by not using the main national networks for services such as electric or gas.

Woodland Escape's Glamping is designed to provide you with the antidote to modern technology. We advise guests to turn off their devices. 

Each glamping accommodation has solar power for your light.

The solar unit will not power mobile devices.

We provide bell tents & yurts. Each glamping accommodation is in its own natural clearing surrounded by trees with paths connecting to the public spaces.

The glamping site is designed to have a minimal impact on the woodland. We follow the holiday park format and have a central facilities area with toilets, showers, office and parking. Our main gates are opened each morning and locked each night. Our resident site team are here to assist our glamping guests and in case of emergency are available twenty-four hours a day.

For our glamping guests comfort our dustbins are kept in a central location by the office. This helps to keep animals away from the accommodation areas.

The Setting

Woodland Escape is designed to provide access to the great outdoors.

The wood is located in rural Somerset off a minor road. Woodland Escape's glamping accommodation is set behind an area of trees which we have designated as a nature reserve.

All the trees on the glamping site are protected by law. Please do not break off branches or you will risk a fine from the Forestry Commission.

All glamping accommodation is positioned in natural clearings between trees. Each glamping unit has it's own area, some glamping units are closer to each other, some are more private, others are closer to the facilities. 

We have tried to sanitise nature as little as possible, leaving large areas as nature reserves, this encourages butter flies, bees and dragon flies.

Please be aware that as a natural setting we cannot pick and choose the creatures that make their home in the wood biting insects will also make it their habitat. 

We suggest that children that are unused to natural open spaces be supervised to ensure they do not stray into nature reserve zones where they may encounter defensive plants such as nettles and brambles.

The Environment

The glamping site in Somerset at Woodland Escape is an eco glamping site that is intended to be environmentally friendly as possible. 

By encouraging nature guests can expect to find mini-beasts and insects in the wood. 

The glamping site is bordered by private land which consists of farm fields and more woodland. As such you will hear cows along with agricultural equipment during the season. 

As a rural location there is virtually no light pollution, though we have solar light pathways and as there is little background noise, what sound you do hear will travel further (for several miles) and will accentuated as you are under canvas and it is more prominent against the silence. 

By minimising our interference with nature guests will experience the atmospheric differences on the glamping site with changes in weather, we advise packing appropriately.

We recommend preparing for a woodland glamping holiday as you would for a woodland walk packing any repellents or ointments you may need & suitable clothing.

The Facilities

Whilst we are off-grid our glamping site is still fully-serviced in order to provide our glamping guests comfort.

The glamping sites amenities include instant hot water showers, and flushing toilets.

We provide insulated cool boxes in the glamping accommodation. As the accommodation is solar powered to conserve the glamping accommodations individual solar power system we provide freezer blocks to cool the cool box. Freezer blocks can be exchanged daily for fresh ones, just ask.

In the event of an emergency, when our glamping guests must be in contact we have a solar grid in the glamping site office where guests can charge phones.

We provide a communal covered cooking area if weather is inclement

Our log burner hot tub is set in a private clearing and can be hired from us for exclusive use.

For young glamping guests we have a small nature playground centred around our wishing tree. We encourage natural play and as such we have books and activity sheets for children. We also have a variety of board games and outdoor games guests can borrow as well as puzzles and a small library of books for all ages.

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