Forest Bathing whilst staying at Woodland Escape

Scientists have proven that Japanese ‘forest bathing’ can improve your health. So when not give it a go whilst staying with us at Woodland Escape.

We are all so busy nowadays that we can forget the need to slow down. Rather than rushing around, once you arrive at Woodland Escape think  of adopting a  slower paced style of life.  Embrace mindfulness and amble gently or just sit under the canopy of trees. Take time to breath deeply. These actions can help you to de-stress and boosts health and well being.

The Nippon medical school have carried out studies that show that the chemistry of forest air provides 50% of the health benefits of Forest Bathing. To achieve these benefits long deep slow breaths in and out are essential.  

You could very well be amazed at how our woodland can help you relax.

shinrin-yoku is a Japanese noun which means a visit to the forest for relaxation: forest bathing. So here is our beginner’s guide to shinrin-yoku or forest bathing:

1. Turn your devices and phone off.
Give yourself a chance to relax. Focus on the present and revel in the forest-based sensory experience.

2. Get to know the wood,  find a quiet spot, somewhere you feel relaxed and can relate to nature and the elements; hear the birds and wind.

3. Take things slowly. When youre in the wood you experience far more by going quietly and walking slowly. Just by walking slowly, you will not scare nature and animals such as rabbits or deer and emotions can come up. 

4. Take deep breathes down into your abdomen.  Exhaling slowly helps the aids relaxation of both the body and mind.

5. Stop and smell flowers.

6. Use all of your senses to take in your surroundings. Woods have an inherently slow pace and relaxing ambiance. How does this woodland environment make you feel?

7. It can be therapeutic just to sit quietly watching birds & other animals and mini beasts go about their daily lives. Quietly sit and observe, try not to disturb nature.  Avoid thinking about your daily life. Watch your breathing to help you stay present.

8. Studies show that whilst looking at green and blue people relax best. Both of these soothing colours occur natural in a wood. Look closely and study the different shades of colour around you.

9. The physiology of the body has a greater the opportunity to relax the longer you can carry out these simple