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About Woodland Escape

As William Henry Davis put it in his poem 'Leisure':

"We have no time to stand and stare"

Woodland Escape is specifically designed to allow our guests to relax and be close to nature.

Woodland Escape provides self-catering glamping holidays set in a young woodland in rural Somerset.

Our ecoglamping holidays are the result of one man's dream to provide luxury glamping in a rural wooded setting.

Glamping Yurts in Somerset at Woodland Escape

A Yurt at Woodland Escape in Somerset

Luxury woodland glamping getaways; off-grid & environmentally friendly

Facilities at Woodland Escape

Our toilets flush and our shower facilities run hot water as you would expect from luxury portable facilities. To support our environment they have water-saving taps and the lighting is solar-powered.

Digital Detox Retreat in Somerset

To allow our guests an escape from their 'life full of care', we have purposefully designed Woodland Escape's accommodation to provide a rural escape. We pride ourselves on having no Wi-Fi or televisions on site, allowing guests to relax and enjoy the woodland setting.

Renewable Energy & Sustainable Holidays

We work hard to provide environmentally friendly luxury breaks utilising renewable energy everywhere possible. Our accommodation all has solar powered lighting systems and our reception uses a solar grid to provide power to our off-grid freezer - this helps us give thought to our planet's limited resources & the value of sustainable energy.

Woodland Escape Enquiry

For over a decade our MD operated a glampsite on the holiday park his family had owned for over half a century. He took all that was great about the family site and; after years of searching, found the perfect spot for glamping in Woodland Escape. It is the realisation of many years of planning and his dream you will be spending your break at, we hope you enjoy it.

Our MD is the grandson of the original founders, who are still involved in holidays to this day, and we still have a family culture providing a friendly welcome and the traditional level of individual service which was the foundation of the original holiday park all those years ago. Our team are always here to help, we will assist with your luggage when you arrive & check-in and you can request additional items from us during your stay.

Bell tent glamping at Woodland Escape in Somerset
Woodland Escape has been specifically designed to offer luxury off-grid ecoglamping based on our years of experience at our family holiday park and provides a range of accommodation all nestled with a young woodland in Somerset. Stag & Hen glamping groups are welcome with exclusive hire of the site to provide them with freedom during their break.
About the accommodation
Stargazer Yurts
Badger Yurt at Woodland Escape Glamping in Somerset
Our Yurts at Woodland Escape are the perfect combination of Mongolian inspiration and British craftmanship, featuring a central roof-light to allow natural light in during the day, saving power, and also allowing for gazing out at the stars on a clear night. We have very little light pollution here at our location in Somerset so stargazers can bring a telescope to view the celestial bodies much more clearly than from urban areas.

Each Yurt is equipped with solar lighting, a double bed, two single futon sofa beds, rugs, a trunk for clothes storage, cool box and a hamper with mugs, cutlery & crockery for 4 people.
Bell tents
Inside a glamping Bell tent in Somerset at Woodland Escape
Our Bell tents are furnished with a double bed, two single futon sofa beds, rugs, clothes storage trunk, cool box and a hamper containing cutlery, crockery, mugs, cups, basic cooking items (frying pan, saucepan, spatula) and washing up equipment.
Canvas Lodge
Canvas glamping Lodge in Somerset at Woodland Escape
Our woodland canvas glamping lodge is new for 2018 and features separate "rooms" to sleep up to six people.

Inside there is a 'master bedroom' with a double bed and bedside solar lamp, a '2nd bedroom' with two single futon daybeds plus a living room area with a double fold-out sofa bed.

Adorned with rugs throughout, clothes storage trunk and a cool box with freezer blocks replenishable daily from our off-grid freezer in reception.

Outside every accommodation there is a fire pit for roasting marshmallows over an open fire, plus a barbecue and a picnic bench with a two-burner gas stove for al fresco cooking & dining
About Hot Tub Glamping
Glamping with hot tub in Somerset at Woodland Escape
In 2017 we introduced an off-grid wood-fired hot tub to Woodland Escape. We make it easy for you to hire our woodland hot tub, as it takes time to heat and fill you can let us know when you would like it ready and we will prepare it for your arrival. You can bring your own logs to keep the fire going during your stay or we can supply these to you on site. For your comfort we provide gowns, flip-flops and towels for each guest glamping with hot tub hire.
About Digital Detox
Digital detox is all about leaving those non-essential electronic devices behind and turning even the 'essential' ones off during your stay. We recommend this for everyone joining us so they can fully immerse themselves in relaxation without the distractions of the modern world around them. There is no need to panic though, we have a solar panel array powering our office so you can always charge up in reception in case your battery goes flat. Unplugging from the digital world is now proven to be extremely beneficial for health and peace of mind, even disabling your notifications or going into flight mode are great ways to embrace the ethos of digital detox. In the woods here in Somerset, the only twitter is the birds amongst the trees. We have left parts of the site untouched as conservation areas for wildlife as we believe Mother Nature, left to her own devices, is often the best custodian.

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